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Q: Something was recently broken. Why?
A: It's due to a server migration. New host, new hardware, new OS, new versions of everything... it takes time to sort it all out. As of right now the only two (important) outstanding issues are the jabber version of the bot and the TTS audio. The audio problem impacts the bot speech option as well as the podcasts.

Q: How much does Artificial Iniaes know?
A: The exact amount changes from day to day, since it pulls information in from external sources. Here are some ballpark figures:

Q: What does it mean by "scheduled database maintenance"?
A: Once a day the database the bot uses is updated. This is to include new information gathered from the previous day, swap out log files, that sort of thing. Unfortunately as the amount of data gets bigger, the process takes longer.

Q: How can I get the weather from the bot?
A: Try "weather" followed by the city or code you want to look up. For example:

weather london

Will return:

London, UK
41 F (5 C)

Q: Does the bot have TTS (text to speech) capability?
A: There's a toggle in your user preferences called "bot speech". Enable it and the bot will embed wav files in its responses. You can listen to a sample here.

Q: Has the bot ever been in any games?
A: It was hooked into SWG at one point... it was part of a stormie killing macro (at the Reb / Imp battle north-east of Coronet). It stopped fighting for the Rebellion a few years ago, but there is another version of the bot in Second Life that you can still visit.

Q: How can I get the latest headlines from the bot?
A: Ask it something like "What's new?". You'll get a random headline from one of three sources.

Q: How can I search the web using the bot?
A: The easiest way is to say "find" followed by whatever you're looking for. Example:

find spanish ninjas

The bot will sometimes run a search without being asked.

Q: How can I look up an area code?
A: Say "area code" followed by the code you want to look up. For example:

area code 215

Will get you:

Area Code 215 is SE Pennsylvania: Philadelphia (see overlays 267).

Q: Is secure communication with the bot possible?
A: Yes. Just use

Q: Can I download Artificial Iniaes?
A: No, there's no way to download the bot. You have to be online to use it.

Q: How can I chance the bot's "face"?
A: If you're a registered user, go into the options section of your control panel. Down at the bottom, just after where you enter what you want the bot to call you, you'll see a drop down. From there, you can pick from a list of "faces":

Some of the old timers will recognize these from when we had stuff here aside from the bot. If you're unregistered (or haven't bothered to change it) you get the old priest one we all know and (maybe not) love.

Q: How can I teach the bot my name?
A: For now, you'll have to register. It's free, and allows you to customize what the bot calls you, how it looks, and so on. After you register, the bot will call you by your username.

If you want the bot to call you something else, go into your profile. Edit the "bot name" field.

If you enter something in the field, that's what the bot will call you. For example, your username is "Bob". If you enter "Jo-Jo the Wonder Poodle" in the bot name field, the bot will ignore Bob and start calling you Jo-Jo the Wonder Poodle.

This field is private, so other people can't see whatever you want the bot to call you.

Q: Are my chats logged?
A: All chats are logged. However, all due consideration is given to your privacy. The log viewer in use strips out all references to a person's name, so any reply sent to the bot cannot be tied to the username.

Q: Can I view a previous chat?
A: You can view an actual conversation here. Your own conversations are deleted daily with the rest of the logs.

Q: Is the bot compliant with accessibility guidelines?
A: All of the main pages on this site are valid XHTML and CSS, as well as Section 508 compliant. Pages intended as a feature test or programmatic interface may not be fully compliant.

Q: Will anyone contact me if I register?
A: No. Well, no humans at least. A confirmation is sent to the address you specified during registration.