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The bot is located on the mainland in Ni, in the far corner of the sim. Its body goes through a series of looping animations, while the head tracks avatars within its line of sight. Click the hologram to start a conversation (on channel 0).

Any text spoken by avatars in range is passed through a script back to the same version of the bot used on this site (there are no separate copies, regardless of the version being used). Replies are then sent back and spoken aloud on channel 0. The texture used for the hologram portion was generated from code of the original version of the bot (you might be able to make some of it out if you look closely).

Conversing with Iniaes in Second Life. The bot as it appears in Second Life. It is roughly the size of a standard avatar.

If you have a Second Life account, you can teleport directly to Iniaes' location.