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Amazon Echo / Alexa

The bot has a functioning endpoint for the Alexa Skills Kit.

Amazon was kind enough to drag the review process out acrosss several months with minor technical changes. After they ran out they outright rejected it, because reasons.

You can use your Amazon developer account and this file to recreate the skill for yourself. It contains the intent shema, utterances, and even the icons. Use as the endpoint for the skill. It has validation disabled so it should work for anyone.


Every so often (every 30 minutes, right now) the bot will connect to Twitter. The first thing it will do is to check for @Replies, and respond to any that are new. If there aren't any, it may post a status update anyway. It's random, so you're not going to see exactly 48 updates each day. You can follow the bot here.


You can talk to the bot through a simple Siri / Workflow Shortcut. Download the shortcut.


A set of scripts is available for tying Iniaes into your existing Eggdrop bot. They're slightly modified versions of alice.tcl and egghttp.tcl by strikelight.

Download the scripts.


The bot is available on Jabber networks (such as Google Talk) through the following JID:

ai AT iniaes DOT org

It will respond to chat, but ignore groupchat and normal messages.


There is an old iPhone specific version of the bot. It was listed in the web app store, before Apple took it down.

Second Life

Any text spoken by avatars in range is passed through a script back to the bot. Replies are then sent back and spoken aloud on channel 0. If you have a Second Life account, you can teleport directly to Iniaes' location, or read more on the Second Life page.


You can create an RSS feed out of any query, which will return a response from the bot in RSS 2.0. Title is the user input, with description and content containing the bot response:


Similar to the RSS feed, you can have the bot create a podcast of any query:

This will return a response formatted as a podcast "episode", where the bot will speak a response to your query. You can subscribe to the bot in iTunes.


Full details on how to interact with the bot via XML-RPC can be found on the XML page. There is also a XML-RPC server page and a sample XML-RPC client for the bot in PHP.

JavaScript / AJAX

Add the bot to any page you want with just a little bit of JavaScript. Details are on the AJAX page, or you can check out the sample AJAX bot client.

Plain text

If you're just looking for simple text from a GET request, try this: